Top 10 Vista Tweaks

Windows Vista from Microsoft is an excellent operating system that provides some impeccable features. But, Vista has a big disadvantage; it can run very slow if your PC is not that powerful enough. However, there are a few free Vista tweaks, which provide speed to your Vista operating system. You can operate the computer system at very fast pace, if you can make good use of the best performance tweaks for Vista. The following recommends the top 10 Vista tweaks for the best PC performance.

Top 10 Vista tweaks for better performance

  • Windows Vista is designed in a way to enable you with quick search. This is possible because Windows Vista is always reviewing the files that you are seeking. But the problem is that this indexing process has a negative impact on system performance. So, to avoid the constant indexing, first click the Start button, then Computer and right click the C drive. Then, click on the General Tab and uncheck the index. Hence, in this way you can turn off the windows searching index.
  • To fight against the odds of malware, the Windows Defender real time protection continues to run despite having automatic protection disabled. This slows down the computer operation. So first open the Control Panel, and then select Windows defender. This will show you a list, where from you select Tools from the top menu. This will open a small box, where you choose Options. Then uncheck auto start at the bottom of the window.
  • The Remote Differential Compression constantly checks for file changes. This has the tendency to hinder system performance. To disable this service, you can do a few things. First get into the Control Panel and select Program Features. Then click Turn Windows features on and off, and uncheck Remote Differential Compression.
  • The Window Vista defragment features are not that important. It has the tendency to slow down your computer system. So disable it.
  • The Windows Hibernation should be turned off, since if you run its features on a regular basis then it will slow down Vista‚Äôs performance. To disable hibernation, select the Change Plan settings from the Power options of the Control Panel. Then, select the changed option power setting and select the duration hibernation time.
  • When Windows Vista performs analysis and restore point creations, it consumes a fair amount of system resources. Therefore, to restore your PC, it is recommendable to go for regular file maintenance and cleaning.
  • The User Access control does not directly affect performance, but at times it can be really annoying. Since, its function is not so important and only attempts to protect your system from any malware function; therefore, it is advisable to disable the User Access Control (UAC). To do so, first click the Start button, then go to Control Panel, User Accounts and click on User Account Control on or off. Then, uncheck the user account control box and restart your PC.
  • Disable excess Windows Features like Tablet PC optional components, Windows DFS replication service, Windows Meeting space from the startup would speed up the system. Click on Start, Control Panel and Program Features. Then choose Windows Features on or off on the left panel and disable above mentioned features.

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