How to Fix DLL Errors

DLL is an abbreviation for Dynamic Link Library. The use of DLLs is to store the instructions for the functions that Windows Operating Systems, hardware driver software and software programs for Windows perform multiple times. Hundreds of DLL files are there on your computer. They allow several Windows programs and multiple components to execute common tasks. They do not emerge into your notice until you face a problem. It is a great mistake to delete these files in order to save space assuming that they are useless. This phenomenon is known as a DLL error.

All About Windows DLL Errors

DLL errors result from the removal or deletion and missing or corruption of DLL files. A DLL error message surfaces when you have changed DLL files or deleted them from your computer. Many Windows programs or computer components will not function properly until DLL errors are corrected.

Common DLL errors are:

  • ntdll.dll error
  • rundll32 error
  • mshtml.dll error
  • run.dll error
  • kernel32.dll error
  • msvcrt.dll error
  • urlmon.dll error
  • shell32.dll error

Some DLL errors sometimes get so bad that Windows cannot run stably. Several software and hardware applications share DLL files. Therefore, deleting the files can cause technical problems in the operation of your computer.

How to Fix DLL Errors?

The use of a Windows Registry Cleaner is one of the easiest solutions to the problem of DLL errors. Regcure is such a Windows Registry Cleaner that will run a search through the registry of your Windows operating system. Regcure makes it easier to identify the things that are to be removed.

Windows Registry is indispensable to the operation of your computer. The registry with a record of deleted DLL files can affect certain Windows programs and computer applications. The use of a windows registry cleaner once in a month is a remedy to resolve the problem. It takes a little time to show its results.

The use of a registry scanner is another solution to fix DLL errors. The missing DLL files can be downloaded from the internet with help of the registry scanner.

An online solution can help you fix a DLL error or DLL errors. Enter a problematical DLL file into a search engine. Then check out the existence of a particular solution to your problem. The DLL error message lists the name of the actual DLL file when a DLL error comes to the surface.

The use of the in-built System Restore tool is instructed for the users of Windows Vista to bring back the system to an earlier date. Move from the Start button to All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Click the next button after selecting "Restore my system to an earlier date". Choose a past date when your PC system was functioning properly and then start following the prompts.

The users of Windows XP and Windows 2000 should click the Start, choose Run, type: sfc /scannow and then, press enter to scan the corrupted DLL files for correcting error in DLL.

If a DLL error regarding a specific DLL file that works for a particular software program is troubling you, it is better to reinstall the program. The manufacturer’s website should be checked for any patches or updates after reinstalling the program. The missing or corrupted DLL file will also be reinstalled with reinstalling the software program. Then, you can un-install the program choosing “No” or “No to all”.

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