How to Fix Rundll32 exe Errors

Rundll.exe is an important system file of the Windows operating system. Windows operating system applications utilize this particular file for running DLL files as programs. Errors emerge in the running of DLL files by applications due to the problems with rundll exe. Rundll error or rundll32 error refers to these errors in general.

Several potential reasons for the occurrence of rundll error

You can face rundll error at the time of starting your operating system or while working with other applications. A dll file is required while launching a software application. A rundll error surfaces when the attempts of Windows or rundll exe fail to load a dll file. There are many reasons for the occurrence of rundll32 error like:

  • Missing or corrupted dll file
  • DLL files infected with a virus or spyware
  • Improper installation and faulty un-installation of software application

If an improper un-installation of a software application is the prime cause of the rundll error, canceling the un-installation is the only way to deal with the problem. However, reinstalling the program is required to uninstall it properly.

If rundll32 error results from malware, spyware or adware, running an updated anti-spyware application can help. You have to clean boot your computer, if the problem keeps on occurring despite the use of an anti-spyware application.

If rundll error is a serious issue with your computer system, even after you have cleaned spyware and virus infections, clean out the Windows registry system. This option can do wonders in removing not only rundll errors but also many other such annoying problems from the operating system. If the rundll exe error is a result of the windows registry system, it is better to try fixing the problem with RegCure.

Possible ways to get your PC rid of rundll error

An effective and efficient solution to the problem of rundll32 error requires you to go through a number of fixes examining them. Rebooting (restarting) your computer is the first and foremost step. If it cannot correct rundll error, try the next possible solution. The steps of properly rebooting your affected computer system are as follows:

  • Open the menu bar by clicking start
  • In the input field type ‘msconfig’ after clicking run
  • Click ok to open the System Configuration Utility
  • After the System Configuration Utility has opened, click the small circle to select the Selective Startup option.
  • Deselect all and then click on ok
  • Then, go on rebooting your computer.

Once the item that works at the root of rundll32 error is identified in this process, start following the next step. Choose the tab of the System Configuration Utility Window that keeps up a correspondence to the identified item. Deselect all except one below the tab to reboot the computer system. You are done with the procedure once the problematic item is identified.

Make sure to disinfect your computer system from the dead hand of virus or spyware before you step up to troubleshoot rundll32 error. The use of common system file names to change their guise is common with malicious programs. This practice by such program is rampant. Using an advanced anti-virus and anti-spyware program to keep your PC free of these fatal infections is highly recommended.

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