How To Fix System32 Errors

The system32 folder forms an important part of your Windows operating system. It contains all essential Windows operating system files, without which your computer will not be functioning at all. You will find system32 folder located in the C drive under the windows folder and is hidden to ensure the safety of the computer system from any accidental alterations by the users.

What causes the system32 error?

There are many essential operating system files contained in the System32 folder that are important for smooth running of the windows operating system. These are important files and include windows shell extensions, system restore points and drivers to run the hardware components. The system32 error is caused by corrupted or damaged core system files, uninstalled file settings and many downloaded file systems that are required to run a new software. Remember that, if there is no regular maintenance of the windows system, it can lead to corruption of the System32.

The easy ways of correcting the System32 errors

If the System32 consists of a number of files, then correcting one file after the other in sequence can make up for a very difficult task. But there are a few easy steps which you can follow to fix the Windows system32 config system:

  • Start with disk clean up (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup).
  • There is always chance of fueling the system32 error by running an old program. The errors can be of different kinds. In this case, the basic idea is to run the troubled program in the “Compatibility Mode”.
  • For the above, you first need to press the 'Start' button, then go to 'All programs', then to 'Accessories' and finally to the “Program Compatibility Wizard”. Try to run the program like as if it were an older version of Windows. Now, if you try to run any specific program of your choice, you will find that Windows is free of the System32 error.

The alternative way of fixing the system32 error is manually. Fish out the tampered files and try to replace and edit them. Beware, since the process has the tendency to interfere with the rest of the Windows Files system. However, it is always an idea to use the right software utility to correct the System32 error, such as RegCure.

An easier process of checking the Windows System32 config system

You can check for System32 error by yourself.

  • Boot your PC and press the F8 button.
  • Select "Boot Using Last Known Good Configuration".
  • Then, your PC will start using a configuration that has already been used in the past. The process will help to correct the System32 error. In case, the error persists, try to use Windows System Repair tool, which will scan your System and list all system errors before trying to fix them.

You can also fix the system32 error using the Windows Recovery disk and reboot your PC. If you do not have a recovery disk use the Recovery Console and type the following commands into the console.

md tmp
copy C:windowssystem32configsystem C:windowstmpsystem.bak
delete C:windowssystem32configsystem
copy C:windowsrepairsystem C:windowssystem32configsystem

The Recovery Console disk effectively substitutes the Windows XP recovery disk. However, you need to type in the exact commands or you will mess up the whole set-up.

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