How to Fix ActiveX Errors

Before fixing an ActiveX error, you need to have an understanding of what ActiveX actually is. Its a plug-in that is an extension to Microsoft COM technology and OLE technology.

ActiveX is used in the Internet as well as in applications. This plug-in permits interactive kind of applications over the Internet like an online scan for the detection of viruses, making use of the web browser. An incorrect version of the ActiveX controls will result in ActiveX errors. Bad programming, conflicts with other installed software and an incompatible operating environment will be the sources of an ActiveX error.

How to Repair an ActiveX Error

Being created and programmed by third parties, ActiveX poses to be a security threat for functioning with Microsoft. The high level of access and the control on the computers that they have been installed in, require you to deal with ActiveX very carefully. ActiveX applications often turn out to be bad and so you should be restricting ActiveX programs from being run automatically. For doing this, you need to open Internet Explorer, select Tools, and then click on Internet Options.

  • Following this, click on the Security tab and choose the custom level button.
  • Just scroll down to the ActiveX section and then simply mark “Prompt” under all the options that are provided except for the settings that are marked "Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting" and "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins". You have to “enable” these settings. Having done this, it will imply that you will be provided a prompt before the installation of an accountable ActiveX file – this will give you a greater control over your computer system.

These settings should solve your ActiveX errors. There are other ways to fix an ActiveX error – you can reset a system file that may have been mis-configured.

  • Click the Start button
  • Choose Run option
  • Type regsvr32 msxml3.dll. Then click OK and repeat click OK when prompted.
  • Next, you should close all browser windows and reopen them.

There are certain ActiveX errors that are actually related to uninstalled software. This happens because in operating systems before Microsoft Windows 2000, there was a dearth of systems for the prevention of third party applications from the replacement as well as removal of critical DLL files. If you find that the ActiveX error, which is bugging you, is because of a missing DLL, reinstallation of the missing program should solve your problem.

When you remove Microsoft Access on a pre-Windows 2000 computer, there will be an error like Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01AD) ActiveX component can't create object: <progid>. This happens during the removal of Microsoft Access. If you reinstall Microsoft Data Access Components, you will be able to mend this kind of error.

If you just know how to tackle an ActiveX error, you will not have to face any inconveniences and there should be no problems with handling the plug-in at all.

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