Best Ways to Prevent Phishing

What is phishing?

By the time you finish reading this, you will understand the dangers associated with phishing. Phishing is one of the greatest security problems that you face today while using your email account. In fact, it is a much more serious threat than the commonly heard about problems like spyware and viruses. If you are tangled in the network of fake links set by phishers, you can have severe financial loses. So, before anything of that sort happens, be on your guard and learn how to prevent phishing.

How it all starts

The tricksters initiate the process of phishing by sending you an apparently authentic email from a trusted source. You could receive such phishing emails from one of your bank, or other financial concerns like a brokerage, a credit union etc. These scam emails demand immediate attention because of some impending financial disasters like close of account or anything similar to that effect. Hence, you are induced to update some vital account information, in order to prohibit the so-called danger.

You simply go ahead and click on the link contained in this fake mail that claims to forward you to a legitimate company website. Along with this, you also get a form in which you unsuspectingly fill up original personal information like your password, account number, social security code etc. and the operator of the phishing scheme gets what he wanted. Most of the times, he uses it to manipulate your account and obtain advantages like credit cards, grant of loans etc. This obviously deducts large amounts of money from your account.

How to prevent phishing

One of the easiest ways to prevent phishing is to install up-to-date antivirus software, such as Anti-Virus PLUS. Provide your email account with a phishing protection program, such as Spam Controls, to keep away possible phishing emails. Even after applying such phishing filter, you cannot stop such spam. In that case, use your brain to be convinced that your bank already has that information and would not request you to confirm them over emails. The other thing that you can do in place of phishing software is to contact the company in question and crosscheck the authenticity of the mail.

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