How To Backup Windows Registry?

The Windows Registry is a huge database for the storage of records. The basic function of this database is to store every software and hardware configuration on your PC. The Windows registry can contain entries in hundreds of thousands.

You are not required to clean or fix the Windows registry, if you have just begun to use your newly purchased computer. Cleaning may be required to eliminate unnecessary entries from the Windows registry system after a period of using your computer.

The frequent installation of latest hardware and software applications on your PC fills the Windows registry. The Windows registry records even a simple plugin like QuickTime or flash for the internet explorer.

The entries of some software programs do not disappear from the Windows registry system even after the programs are uninstalled. Consequently, they become outdated and occupy memory space in the registry unnecessarily. Some entries are difficult to comprehend, as they are unreadable. That is why cleaning the Windows registry in a manual process is not recommended. You can undoubtedly use a registry cleaner, such as RegCure, to perform the task of cleaning it all by yourself.

How to Backup Registry?

You must keep a registry backup before you clean the Windows registry no matter, in a manual way or with a cleaning tool. Make a registry backup in Windows XP/2000 by

  • Clicking on ‘start’ button, then on ‘run’ and typing in ‘regedit’ It will open the Windows registry.
  • Then select ‘Export’ with a click on ‘File’. It will open another window. Save the registry backup by specifying the name as well as the location.

There are two important points to note. Make sure the setting of the file type to ‘Registration Files’. You cannot import the registry file and save it as .txt if the Windows registry has been corrupted. Another point to note is clicking the radio button ‘All’ in options of the export range at the bottom of the window. You should backup the entire registry. You have another alternative at hand to backup the registry. You can backup the registry to a CD or another computer.

Importantly, since the most important files on the computer are present in the Windows registry, you must have a backup before editing or removing any entry in the registry.

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