How to Fix Blue Screen of Death and Increase System Efficiency?

You have experienced the blue screen of death if you are using Microsoft Windows and you witnessed the computer display message “Your system has become unstable” or “A fatal exception OE has occurred. The current application will be terminated. You may press any key and wait, or press Ctrl+Alt+Del and then restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information”. The name is such because the message appears on a Windows blue screen.

The blue screen comes with the message to imply a blue screen error that is technically called stop errors. The stop errors are prevalent since the times Windows was introduced. The increasing improvement of the Windows platforms has made the stop errors fewer in number. With the blue screen coming up, there is not much you can do. Reboot your system and see if the blue screen error does not occur again.

Often it is seen that rebooting of the PC will reap no benefits and the stop errors may prevail. In this case, you must call a technician to fix the blue screen error. What you need to do is write down the blue screen error message before hand – there will be a group of numbers followed by four additional numbers in parentheses. The technician will find this error message very useful in fixing the stop error.

The numbers seem nonsensical, but it will help the computer technician to find out what went wrong. The error may be a result of inability to handle all programs that were open, or may be due to some hardware problem. All the numbers must be copied, as they are essential for informing about the drivers that are installed as well as running. Drivers often end up being the cause for computer crashes.

How to Avoid the Blue Screen of Death?

You should avoid running many applications at the same time. It is also necessary to avoid using the device that caused the blue screen error. You have to reconfigure msconfig and check for the programs that start up whenever you reboot your machine. Remove the unwanted software that startup during the boot process. To do this, simply go to the Start button and click Run. Type in msconfig and press Enter and disable unwanted startup items. This will stop blue screen errors and at the same time help to enhance the speed of your PC.

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