How to Fix Javascript Errors

JavaScript errors pop up on your monitor and are easily recognized as you will find a yellow triangle in the pop up box and the text offering to debug. These errors happen due to JavaScript problems in a web page. Software programs dealing with Java Script coding, such as Dreamweaver, can also experience a Java Script error.

Internet-related folders, scripting engine, video card drivers, or DirectX components can also cause Javascript errors.

How to Fix JavaScript Problems

  • Verification of a web page using another browser or computer is essential to detect an error. If the problem occurs on other computers, it is very likely that the problem lies with the web page alone.
  • Check if you are blocking Java applets, Active Scripting, and ActiveX controls. You will be able to reset Internet Explorer to its default levels – I did that by going to Tools, then Internet Options, Security and then finally selecting Default Level.
  • Check the anti-virus program and make sure that it is not scanning your downloaded program files and temporary Internet files.
  • Get all temporary files as well as cookies removed from your system. Click on Tools and then click on Internet Options. Select Temporary Internet Files, go to Settings and select the option Delete Files, click the OK button and then click Delete Cookies.
  • I also turned off some features, like Smooth Scrolling. They are unnecessary and mess up with scripting. For this, just go to Internet Options, choose the Advanced tab and seek out Smooth Scrolling from the list and clear the check box.
  • Install the current DirectX version. This will improve the graphics, performance and security of Windows Operating system.
  • Regularly download updates with the latest scripting engine from Microsoft.

You can also try your hand at Registry Cleaners, such as RegCure – these should help you a lot to overcome the errors. In case of a script error, a registry-cleaning tool shall prove to be handy. This will also increase system performance efficiently. Registry cleaners are better in repairing JavaScript errors than JavaScript error blockers, which do not remove the errors but only bars you from watching the script error. Always choose a reliable tool to fix JavaScript errors.

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