How To Fix Outlook Express Errors

Computer users who use Microsoft Outlook Express for receiving and sending e-mails often experience the occurrence of Microsoft Outlook Express errors. Facing outlook errors is a common problem in general. However, it may be a serious concern with you if you depend on e-mails to stay in touch with your friends, colleagues or clients.

The need for solutions to Outlook Express errors has multiplied with an increasing rise in the use of e-mail as a prominent medium of communication.

Slow Loading of Outlook Express

The problem of loading Outlook Express at a slow pace occurs when Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Windows Messenger run simultaneously. To solve this, click on the Tools menu of Outlook Express and uncheck the option under the sub-menu options for logging on to Windows Messenger.

Problem in Receiving E-mails

When you can send e-mails but cannot receive them, the domain that receives e-mails is surely lacking space. This sort of Outlook error occurs, if the Inbox or Sent Items folders is crowded with many e-mails. Get rid of some emails in the Inbox, Sent Items and other folders. Increasing the space of your e-mail account is an alternative option to keep receiving e-mails without any interruption.

Outlook Express Error 0x800420CB

Error 0x800420CB is a common Outlook error. This error forbids you from opening an e-mail message. The corruption of .dbx files is the most common cause of this Outlook Express error. Following a few simple steps can help you address the problem.

  • Go to the main menu and select Tools.
  • Choose the Mail tab option by clicking on Accounts.
  • Click Duplicate mail account and then select the Remove option.
  • Repeat the steps until you are done with the removal of all duplicate mails.

Inability to Delete E-mails

Problem with deleting old e-mail messages is another Outlook Express error. This problem emerges due to the corruption of deleted items folder. It occurs, when you send a copy of an e-mail to the deleted items folder before deleting the e-mail. Empty this folder by transferring all messages into another folder. Then just delete the items.dbx file after closing Microsoft Outlook Express.

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