How To Fix Spoolsv.exe Error?

Spoolsv.exe offers the convenience of managing spooled print of your PC. The spoolsv.exe error is bugging and you need to fix it to help your PC run smoothly. However, the error can also be in the form of Spyware and Adware and so be careful about it.

How to Fix the Spoolsv.exe Error

First, you need to update your PC anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. This enables in running a deep scan for your system. With proper scanning of the system, you should solve the spoolsv.exe error if it is caused by viruses or spywares. If your system still shows the error after you have deleted the infection – this can happen due to a corrupt Windows Registry.

The software utility RegCure is very useful in cleaning a corrupt registry and is especially designed for the job.

RegCure has many functions associated with it. It has the ability to repair registry problems associated with the spoolsv.exe application error. Essentially, it penetrates deep into the Windows Registry and finds out corrupt entries, invalid entries, empty files entry, empty files association and much more. Remember that manually editing the Windows Registry can be a risky job. Therefore, let RegCure take care of registry problems, since it can fix these problems with precise care.

Steps to set RegCure to Fix the Spoolsv.exe Error

  1. Download and install RegCure for a Free registry scan
  2. Press the ‘scan’ button and you will find RegCure working in no time
  3. Press the result button to check what is the result of scanning

You can use the setting button to set up RegCure. Create restore points and let the software be updated automatically. Make settings for regular scans. However, you should use the backup button to backup the registry, when required.

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