How To Increase Virtual Memory?

Are you frustrated with the speed of your computer? Increasing the Virtual Memory can help. I personally improved the performance of my laptop by following easy steps of increasing the virtual memory. The term “Virtual Memory” in the world of computers implies the additional virtual Random Access Memory or RAM that is available. The virtual memory is accessible by programs when sufficient physical RAM is not available, or when a program has been designed for using virtual memory in order to increase the efficiency level.

A low virtual memory will result in errors, and when you are trying to start an application, the display message in this case will be “virtual memory is too low”. The Windows Virtual Memory helps the computer to shift the data to an empty space on the hard drive when you have no physical RAM available. The computer is able to get the data back to RAM when needed.

Having enough available space in your computer ensures that your RAM and virtual memory will be functioning appropriately. By increasing virtual memory, you will be able to have enough free spaces to store data. By automatically freeing the resources in the Registry, you can increase virtual memory performance.

Steps to Increase Virtual Memory

  • Click on Start Button and then select Settings and then Control Panel from the list
  • Then select ‘Performance and Maintenance’ option and finally click on System icon
  • On the Advanced tab, under Performance, hit Settings
  • Under Virtual Memory, on the Advanced tab, you need to click the button named Change.
  • Select the drive that has the paging file that you want to change under Drive (Volume Label)
  • Under Paging file size for the chosen drive, you need to click for Custom sizing check box. Here enter the memory size that you wanted to keep reserved for Virtual Memory by entering the initial and the maximum size
  • Then click Set. When the prompt appears, restart your computer and click Yes.

Make sure you choose the same amount of memory size for the initial size and the maximum size. This will help you to prevent your CPU from constant variation of the paging file. It would be best to keep the memory value 1.5 times more than the physical RAM. This should help you to increase virtual memory and enhance the performance of your computer.

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