Secrets on How to Fix DLL Error Messages

In this post, we will discuss a common type of computer problem – the dll error. Many computer users globally continue to face this issue, cursing their ignorance about the intricate computer technology. In this post, we share our thoughts about dll errors (at least to some extent), and give some tips on how to fix the problem.

At the outset, let us learn what a dll file is. A dll (Dynamic Link Library) file is a set of programs that works intricately with Windows and allied software components. The dll contains programs that are shared by common Windows applications. That is why the term “library” is used.

The causes of DLL Errors

You get dll error message when the dll files are missing or corrupted. Following are some of the reasons behind this:

  • When application software programs are improperly installed or uninstalled. Accidentally dll files that other files access can get deleted.
  • Failed installation of a new program sometimes leads to corrupted dll files.
  • Accidental deletion of dll files by the user or any other program running on the PC.

How to Fix DLL Error Messages

Some of us get puzzled when we encounter dll errors and rush to buy the latest version of the faulty software to get rid of the problem. But wait. Attempt to address the dll errors first and you do need not to spend your hard-earned money over purchasing the new version.

Sometimes uninstalling the software and then re-installing it helps. Re-installation reinstalls the requisite dlls and your dll error is gone! Remember one useful thing – do not uninstall shared files while uninstalling any software. These shared files do not occupy much of your hard disk space, but indeed can prevent your accelerated heartbeats.

Another way to prevent error in dll is to clean up the Windows Registry periodically. The Windows registry contains information about everything in your PC, including the paths of the dll files. Sometimes the path becomes corrupt or point to a wrong/non-existent file. This causes dll error. Moreover, malicious activities of viruses and spyware can cast a shadow on your dlls.

Do not take the care of your Windows’ registry into your own hands. Instead, leave that task to specialized software developed just for that purpose. One such software is RegCure. RegCure, considered as an essential PC maintenance tool, can fix thousands of dll problems and can guard your PC from their recurring occurrences.

For missing Windows dll files, re-installation of Windows from your original Windows CD helps. Here are some additional tips to prevent dll errors:

  • Install the latest service packs and patches for your operating system and application software.
  • Make sure your anti-virus software and other protection software like firewalls are up to date.
  • Remove obsolete files, applications, and temporary files periodically.

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