The Best Top 10 Windows Vista Tweaks

Windows Vista is not only a wonderful looking operating system from Microsoft, but it also has fabulous features. However, you need to have a PC with a good configuration to run Vista fast. Some Windows Vista tweaks would help you to increase the speed of the operating system. I selected the best Tweaks for Vista.

The best Vista Tweaks I tried that increased PC performance

  1. Just turn off Windows Search Indexing as this can have an adverse effect on the system performance. Click Start, Computer and then right click C: drive and choose Properties. Hit the General tab and uncheck Index there. On the dialog box, make sure that you choose Include subfolders and files.
  2. Turn off Automatic Windows Defender Operation. For this go to Control Panel and choose Windows Defender. Then select Tools from the top menu and select Options. At the bottom of the window, uncheck Auto start.
  3. Close Remote Differential Compression as it puts system performance at risk. Go to Control Panel and select Classic View, then hit Program Features and select Turn Windows Features on and off. Finally scroll down and uncheck Remote Differential Compression.
  4. Disable Automatic Disk Defragmentation. On my Windows Vista, I clicked on Start, then Computer and right clicked C: Drive and selected Properties. Hit the Tools tab and unmark Run on a schedule.
  5. You can have a 2GB or higher USB Flash drive that will make use of a Windows Ready Boost as extra memory storage. The Ready Boost system is capable of improving the system performance. Insert a USB Flash Drive, hit Start and then My Computer. Right click on the USB Drive in My Computer. Choose Ready Boost Tab and select Use this device. Have as much space as you can free for RAM usage.
  6. Disable System Restore. Go to Control Panel and System. Choose System Protection on the left panel. Then unmark the main system drive and agree to the confirmation made.
  7. Turn off Windows Hibernation. Hit Control Panel and select the Power Options. Here you have to click Change Plan settings. Select Change Advanced Power Settings and expand the Sleep selection. Also, expand the Hibernate After selection and crank the selector down to zero, after this click the tab Apply.
  8. Disable User Access Control (UAC) and for doing this, simply click on Start, then enter the Control Panel. Choose User Accounts, following this hit Turn User Account Control on or off. Then mark User Account Control Box and restart your computer.
  9. Disable Excess Windows Features by clicking on Start and then choosing Control Panel. Choose Program Features. Hit Turn Windows Features on or off on the left panel. You will be able to disable the Remote Differential Compression, Indexing Service, Windows DFS Replication Service, Tablet PC Optional Components, Windows Meeting Space and Windows Fax & Scan conveniently.
  10. Disabling excess Windows Services that Auto-Launch at Startup is essential. Click Start and go to Control Panel. Choose Administrative Tools and then select System Configuration. After hitting the Services Tab, I was able to disable the Offline Files, Tablet PC Input Service, Windows Search, Fax and Terminal Services.

These top Vista tweaks should help your Vista operating system to run with speed and give a standard performance that is desirable. These Windows Vista tweaks helped me immensely.

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