The Untold Secrets of Data Recovery

In today’s IT-dependent world, provision of data recovery is of utmost importance. Formally, the term data recovery refers to recovering data from secondary storage devices that are not working properly or are damaged due to some reasons. Often, the process of computer data recovery refers to data being recovered from storage media such as hard disk drives, tapes, CDs, and RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). Data recovery is necessitated primarily due to two reasons:

  • Physical damage to the storage devices
  • Logical damage to the file system

In case of the latter, the files fail to be mounted on the operating system. Though it is theoretically a bit confusing, data recovery also refers to recovering deleted data for forensic and investigation purposes.

Hard drive data recovery may involve several things. Replacing parts of the hard disk may help in salvaging some damage. This may make the disk usable, but logical damage may still be there. Specialized disk imaging processes are available that can recover every bit of readable data from the hard disk.

Disk data recovery involves the following:

  • Removing the damaged PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and replacing with a healthy one
  • Replacing the damaged read-write head assembly with that of a healthy machine
  • Removing the disk platters of the damaged drive and installing them into a healthy one.
  • A combination of all these techniques

Disk imaging is necessitated when the data recovery process from a damaged disk fails. The damaged image is recovered and analyzed. The original file system is recovered after repairing the logical inconsistencies. Most of the damaged files can be extracted, though not 100% in most cases.

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