Tips On How To Delete Internet History

Why You Should Delete Internet History

You may wonder why you should delete internet history. It is of immense importance to clear internet history if you do not want others to trace or see what you have surfed on the internet. The hard drive of computer system tracks and stores whatever you surf on the internet. Web tracks refer to the tracking of information on your internet activity by the hard drive.

All about Web Tracks

Web tracks store the bits and pieces of your journey on the internet world by tracing it. Anyone using the computer from diverse vantage points can see the information. For instance, when you put an address into the address bar of the web browser, you are sure to see various similar URLs pop up as options below your address.

Web tracks refer to as cookies, browser cache, address bar history and auto-complete files. Anyone who uses spyware to get around the security of your computer system can grab the information of your Internet activity. It depends on those who use your computer just to visit their e-mail accounts.

Software for the Removal of your Internet History

There are several software applications and other security products available to help you clear internet history. These software products, such as Privacy Controls, are innovative products of computing technology. They are deliberately designed to delete internet history including Internet cache files, temporary files, Internet history, visited URLs, form records, auto-complete password records and Internet cookies. Moreover, you can clear Internet history also in a manual process.

Manual Processes of removing your Internet History

Follow these steps to remove Web history in Firefox.

  • First open Firefox
  • Choose “Clear Private Data” from the Tools menu at the top
  • Select one or more “Clear Private Data” options and click OK

Deleting Web tracks in Internet Explorer requires you to open Internet Explorer.

  • Make your way to Tools at the top
  • Choose the general tab in the Options dialog box. After selecting “clear history” click OK.

The first step to delete your history in Netscape is to open Netscape.

  • Then Select Preferences by clicking on Edit and then on the Open menu.
  • Select Navigator from below the category title
  • Click OK selecting “clear history” in the history list.

The process of removing your history in Opera is the same as abovementioned processes.

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