What is a Kernel32 DLL Error and How to Fix it

When you boot your computer, Windows loads Kernel32, one of the operating system’s core files into the system memory. This ensures proper running of the Windows operating system and its smooth interaction with other application programs. However, due to some reason or the other, the kernel32 error may cause certain problems. When such a situation happens, you are likely to see relevant error messages.

Causes of Error in Kernel32 DLL

There may be several causes behind this Kernel32 error. Some of these are:

  • Windows’ File Allocation Table gets damaged
  • Password lists are obtained by malicious people
  • The Kernel32 file gets corrupted
  • Windows registry gets corrupted due to some means
  • Your computer’s BIOS is incorrectly set
  • Non-Microsoft software not running in tandem with Windows
  • Presence of improper hardware driver software
  • Malicious acts of viruses and spyware

How to Fix Kernel32 dll error

You have to catch hold of a good registry-cleaning tool. Manual editing of your system registry, particularly if you are a novice, may be detrimental. Do not clean your system registry by using RegEdit. Instead, leave that task to some expert tool like RegCure. RegCure is inexpensive and gets the cleaning job done quickly. RegCure not only solves the dreaded Kernel32 error, it also can fix several other problems related to your PC. Once fixed, RegCure prevents recurrence and stands guard against new threats. In fact, this tool is to be considered as one of your essential PC maintenance tools.

First, download the free scanner to see if RegCure matches with your PC. If you are through, purchase the full version of RegCure. The tool does not cost much and this investment is really worth in the end. Go for an initial scan to find the problems.

Review the errors or have RegCure get rid of them. You will witness improvement in your computer’s speed also. Something more is left to do.

You need to set RegCure’s configurations to continue to get the best results. Turn the Automatic Updates feature on, this ensures that you get protection against new and emerging threats. You can decide to review errors one at a time or allow RegCure to go ahead and fix them. This is your personal decision. Last but not least, set up scheduled scans. This ensures periodic diagnosis of your computer’s health and cure (if needed).

Apart from the RegCure therapy, there are few other things that you can do to get rid of the Kernel32 errors. Using updated driver software for your hardware is one of them.

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