What Is and How to Fix Rundll32 Exe Error

What is Rundll32 Exe

One of the typical errors that Windows users face is the Rundll/Rundll32 exe error. In this post, let us learn about this error that has caused many sleepless nights. Rundll exe is a critical file in the Windows file system. Many applications depend on this essential file to run smoothly. It is used to run program codes in dll (Dynamic Link Library) files. Clever computer viruses mimic this name and become resident in your computer system so that ordinary users cannot detect them.

Causes of Rundll32 Error

There are several causes behind the RunDll32 error. Some of these are listed below:

  • Activities of computer viruses and spyware
  • Bugs in application software
  • Faulty installation of Windows operating system or any other Windows applications
  • When software is not uninstalled completely
  • Due to corrupt or missing dll files
  • Due to corrupt registry entries
  • Corrupted physical RAM (Random Access Memory)

Whenever Windows attempts to load a file, but is unable to do so, Rundll exe error occurs. Users usually get a Rundll32 error message when Windows cannot locate a file that it needs.

How to Fix Rundll32 Error

Rundll32 errors are often temporary. The problems are often vanished when the computer is restarted. It also happens that the required file is used by some other application and is not released when required. Restarting takes care of such situations.

If the Rundll exe error has occurred because of an imperfectly uninstalled application, uninstall the application again. If you encounter a Rundll error after uninstalling an application, you can suspect that this activity might be the root cause. In order to uninstall, install the application first and then uninstall it step by step.

Always keep your antivirus and spyware software up-to-date and scan your computer periodically.

Another common and easy way to tackle Rundll errors is to clean up the Windows registry. The registry contains vital information that Windows needs to function properly and to interact with other applications. Often the registry entries get corrupt and contain misleading values. Rundll error is an outcome of this. You can use a tool like RegCure to fix such errors.

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