Why is My Computer Slow? Top 10 Causes of a Slow PC

Are you sick and tired of a slow computer? Does your PC after running for a certain period, slows down? There may be several reasons that slow down your computer system. The reason can be too many downloaded files or programs that you have installed in your computer.

At the end of the day, you want to know the reasons responsible for a malfunctioning computer.

Reasoning out why a computer is running slow

  1. Poor performance of a computer is sometimes due to programs that interfere with the file system. These programs are installed automatically without your knowledge or consent. These applications are generally spyware programs and should be prevented from getting inside your computer.
  2. A corrupted Windows Registry triggers slow computer performance. Since, it holds the authoritative position of the master control in the entire operating system, therefore compacting, cleaning and optimizing the registry with a registry cleaner, such as RegCure, is very important.
  3. Fragmentation of files may be another reason for slow functioning of your PC. Sometimes, the files and folders get scattered into pieces all over the hard drive. This fragmentation of files on the drive slows down the functioning of your computer system.
  4. The more you download and install programs in your computer; the more applications are added to the Windows start-up folder, which affects your PC’s start-up performance.
  5. Just like spyware, a computer virus disturbs the functioning of a computer. Instantly your emails, files and folders are infested with the virus and this decreases the performance of your PC.
  6. Free the hard drive from clogged up space. This will bring a dramatic improvement to the computer speed. This can be done by eliminating some of the old documents that are no longer in use.
  7. The remnants of uninstalled programs slow down your computer system. The Windows operating system gets confused with these remnants. They block up the PC’s core system.
  8. Poor security software installed on a computer take a considerable portion of the system resources and memory. This can slow down your PC.
  9. The page file or virtual memory is the temporary area of the memory that the computer uses to move files. If the page file is too small, the system will not have enough room for the operating system to function efficiently.
  10. Having not enough internal memory can make a difference in speed. Adding memory can be one of the ways to speed up your computer.

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